Healing Is Possible!

mindWhen I was first diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, and told that there was no cure, and that I would have to manage the illness with medication for the rest of my life, that did not sit well with me.  It didn’t feel right!  Life is meant to thrive.  Our bodies are designed to heal, and to move into balance.  I am meant to be whole.  I am not meant to be “broken” for the rest of my  life.  That can’t be!

While a mental illness like schizoaffective disorder is no picnic (it’s the hardest thing I have ever gone through), I do not believe that an illness has more power than we do, and it definitely is no match for our divine source.  Schizophrenia and schizoaffective diagnoses are like the “cancers” of mental illness, and yet there are people with cancer who heal.  There are people with mental illness who heal, and I am one of them!  I believe that our own belief in healing has an effect on our ability to heal.

Do you believe that healing is possible?