3 Years Healed Today!!!!!

3 years healed

Today marks three years that I have been healed from Schizoaffective disorder!!!!  With the help of my doctor, I weaned off my medication for the last time in June of 2013, and have maintained my health all of this time with the help of homeopathy.  I have been symptom and side-effect free, I am loving life, and I am the healthiest I have ever been!

It is fitting that I am celebrating my freedom from mental illness this Independence Day weekend!  Find out how I did it in my new book, Healing Schizoaffective!!!

I could not have done this without the support and love of so many people.  I am so grateful for my family and friends, and the many mental health professionals who helped me along the way.  I am building this site and promoting my book in order to help others who are suffering in the same way that I did.  With Love, Joshua