2 responses to “HMI 004 : How Did I Heal? Homeopathy.

  1. Thank you Joshua. 2019 will be my battle of ten years with schizoaffective and I’ve been wanting to heal myself naturally for a couple months now. I had a traumatic experience where I nearly didn’t make it out alive in Israel of 2009 and ever since I came back with mental illness. Usually once a year I had an episode. Where would be a good start? I live in Toledo, Ohio and I think there is a holistic center nearby. Also, Did you ween yourself off of your meds before beginning homeopathy or at the same time?

    • You’re very welcome. In my experience, mental illness is multi-faceted and everyone’s journey is unique. I have dealt with emotional trauma and ptsd from my illness and other experiences, which have been harder to heal. I started the homeopathy before weaning off my medications, under my doctor’s supervision, and that was very helpful in helping me to maintain balance. I was able to heal what I believe was the physical cause of my psychosis, heavy metals in the brain, with the Medical Medium information. I have still had to deal with adapting to challenges in my life situation, healing relationships, and healing from the losses, trauma, and my broken heart from all that I’ve been through. It hasn’t been easy but I’ve been able to make progress and move forward. The important thing is to know that healing is possible. I wish you the very best! God bless you.

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