Homeopathy was the answer to my prayers.

Have you ever prayed to God that you would heal?  I have, many times.  I struggled with a debilitating mental illness, schizoaffective disorder, for ten years.  There were many times during that period when I was brought to my knees, times when I screamed at the top of my lungs for help, times when I cried out from my soul.  Nothing in my life has been more painful than the powerlessness that I experienced during my illness.

My greatest fear was that I was never going to get better, that I would be stuck with the illness for the rest of my life, that I would not be able to live my life.  I couldn’t accept that, but I didn’t know of any other way.  That is, until my partner discovered a homeopathic doctor that specializes in mental illness.  Homeopathy was the answer that I had been searching for for ten years.  It was able to stop my dysfunctional symptoms without suppressing who I was (like the pharmaceutical medication did).  In other words, it helped me to be in balance so that I could function.

Homeopathy is the ONLY thing that healed me from my mental illness.

Homeopathy is the ONLY thing that healed me from my mental illness, specifically the psychotic aspect of the illness.  There were other things that assisted in my recovery and helped me to persevere during the illness, many of which I discuss in my book and podcast, but homeopathy was the key.  Without homeopathy, I would likely still be on-and-off of medication, having relapses, not able to maintain consistent work, and basically would still have the illness.

I do not consider that pharmaceutical medication was able to heal me, because I didn’t feel like myself when taking them.  Nothing else that I tried was able to do what homeopathy did.  I tried healthy diet, exercise, psychotherapy, work, socialization, and all of the will power that I could muster.  Nothing was able to help me maintain balance and function without the schizoaffective symptoms, except for homeopathy.

It’s really sad that so many people are suffering unnecessarily, all due to people’s unwillingness to see outside of their own belief systems.  Homeopathy has been scientifically validated, and yet many people in the West haven’t even heard of it, or are reluctant to believe that it could work.  The following article discusses a scientific study by Dr. Jacques Benveniste, showing the ability of water to retain qualities of a substance that “exert a therapeutic effect”, even after the substance has been “diluted out of existence”:


As the article explains, Professor Ennis, who was a skeptic trying to disprove the original study,  joined “a consortium of four independent research laboratories”, a “pan-European research effort”, to try and do so.  The results of the studies were that they were consistent with the original findings!  There it is:  a double-blind study with results that can be replicated by other scientists, i.e. what people use to justify “science”.  The problem is, what most people call “science” is just their belief system.  True science is neutral and objective.  As the study says:

“The consequences for science if Benveniste and Ennis are right could be earth shattering, requiring a complete re-evaluation of how we understand the workings of chemistry, biochemistry, and pharmacology.”

This article was published fifteen years ago!  Why don’t we hear about studies like these in the mainstream?  Why aren’t people’s minds blown?  Why hasn’t this been “earth shattering”, as the article says?  I suspect that protecting profits has something to do with it, but that should be irrelevant to true scientists and seekers of truth.  All I know is that homeopathy has been earth shattering for me.  It gave me my life back, in a way that nothing else was able to do.  Now that I am well, I am working to raise awareness so that other people can have their lives back too.  We just need to be open to what’s possible, and willing enough to try.


2 responses to “Homeopathy was the answer to my prayers.

  1. My father had schizoaffective disorder and my 20 year old son does as well. I am fascinated by your blog and would love to know the steps you took to heal. I am trying to find out about homeopathic medicine and find a practitioner who my son can see but I’m not having any luck. We live near Kansas City Mo. I am willing to travel to find the right doctor. We are desperate for our son to have a future! Please share any info you can. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Angela, thank you for your comment. I do my best to give all the steps that I took to heal in my blog, podcast, and book. I also list doctors who work with mental illness using homeopathy on this site under the “homeopathy resources” tab on the menu (you don’t necessarily have to live near them to work with them). If there’s one thing I learned from my decade battling schizoaffective disorder, and the over four years since that I’ve been medication-free, it’s that HEALING IS POSSIBLE. Don’t give up hope! Keep the faith, and just take one day at a time. I wish you and your son the very best! God bless you.

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