Celebrating 4 Years Medication-Free!

I battled schizoaffective disorder for ten years and was on pharmaceutical medication for most of that time.  The last time that I had to take medication was in June of 2013.  Since then, I have been able to maintain full-time work, have gotten married, bought a home, and feel better than I ever did before the illness.  I am healthier and happier, and I am pursuing my dreams.

While I did have some symptoms return last summer (which I attribute to a final test after my book was released, as well as my brain adapting to the heavy metals being removed), I still consider myself healed for four years now.  The incident last summer did not require me to go back on medication.  People have challenges in life, some of which bring them to their knees, and they rise up and keep going!  This does not always require a label.

The homeopathy was an essential part of my healing, and in helping me to get where I am today.  It helped me to maintain balance without pharmaceutical medication, so that I could work on rebuilding my life without the “dulling” side-effects that I experienced while medicated.  Here are some links to information and resources on this site about homeopathy:

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The most in-depth explanation of how homeopathy helped me to heal is in my book, Healing Schizoaffective:  A Firsthand Look At The Illness And How I Beat It!

After four years of taking homeopathy daily, prescribed by a naturopathic doctor, I discontinued it in December of 2016.  I wouldn’t be where I am today without it, but it had served its purpose and I had found something that I believe got to the root cause of the illness even more than homeopathy.  I believe that heavy metals collecting in the brain play a role in psychotic illness.  I have been drinking a super-food based smoothie every morning for about two years now to address this issue, and I feel so much better mentally, physically, and emotionally.  You can learn more about this in the following blog post:  Got Heavy Metals On The Brain?

If I were someone currently suffering from schizoaffective disorder, or another psychotic illness, I would probably do the homeopathy in conjunction with the smoothie for a couple of years, until I felt that the heavy metals were out and until my life had been rebuilt enough to a point where I felt stable and out-of-the-woods.

One of the greatest lessons that my illness taught me was to free myself from fixed belief systems.  When someone has a false belief with a mental illness it is called a delusion, but when someone has a commonly-held false belief and is functioning in society it’s just considered normal.  My beliefs and delusions were keeping me sick and were ill-adapted to my functioning, so I had to learn to let them go.  We can either be loyal to a belief system, or we can be loyal to the truth.  This is a challenge that we all face, whether or not we have a mental illness!

My experience has proven to me that healing is possible.  I wish you the best on your healing journey as well, and in your search for truth.  May God bless you always!!!


8 responses to “Celebrating 4 Years Medication-Free!

  1. I’m glad you found something that works for you. And I sincerely thank you for not pushing it on us, but just told your story.

    Personally, I couldn’t imagine my life without medication. oh… no, there were almost two years that I didn’t have health insurance, so no meds. I had to tell the store manager and the owner about my illness so they would understand things that i do sometimes. I was on a swing going back and forth. Onetime, I was playing the “how high can you go” game. Then I was just sitting on the swing to hold me up.

    I know people who don’t use medication for their severe mental illness, and I applaud them… and wonder how they do it. I still have my symptoms even with medication. I still think about suicide, and I wonder what I could be doing with my life without all this. One time recently I was reducing a drug so that I didn’t have to take it anymore. I ended up crying on the floor with all the clean dishes around me, most of them broke. It’s very hard. But I get through… all of us get through…no matter how we do.

    • You’re welcome! I completely understand. It’s not easy, and we do the best we can. I wish you well, and God bless you!

  2. This is so very encouraging Joshua! I am currently in my “search for truth” and seeing others stories is helping me gain insight.
    Glad you’re living well off meds and thanks for sharing your story 🙂

    • You’re very welcome. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been an incredible journey and I’m a better person for it. I wish you the best!

      • Thank you!

        And I hope that one day I can look back and say the same as you, that I’m a better person for it

  3. Thank you for sharing your story. As someone who has had experiences with bipolar/schizoaffective in loved ones close to me I really believe that heavy metal toxicity does play a role in the illness. All of them were exposed to heavy metals at some point (one of them had his childhood house bordering several commercial farm fields using pesticides). I’m super thankful for Medical Medium in discussing this as well as the treatment. I use his heavy metal smoothie because the same root cause (heavy metals) caused my eczema. I’m finally healing now thanks to it.

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