Why Mental Illness is a Mystery Illness

When most people hear the name of a diagnosis for a mental illness, they think that the illness is a thing, that exists, in and of itself.  In reality, the label is just that, a “label”, for a specific set of symptoms.  It is more like a pointer or a signpost, than the thing that is being pointed to.  What is actually causing the illness, the “root” of what is making people sick (which I consider to be more the illness than the symptoms) is unknown.  That’s right, it’s absolutely unknown by medical science.  Mental illness is a mystery illness!!!

The trouble with this is, many people tend to think that science has it all figured out.  This can narrow people’s thinking and cause them to limit their options.  For example, if conventional science says that someone with schizoaffective disorder needs to be on medication for life, the person may resign to this “fact” and stop looking for ways to heal.  Or worse yet, they may just become resigned in their life.  But how can science tell someone that they have a life sentence without even knowing what’s causing the problem?

What if the psychosis is being caused by heavy metal accumulation in the brain?  And if so, what if there’s a way to safely remove it?  (See my blog post “Got Heavy Metals On The Brain?” for more information.)  What if the fatigue and low energy that are the symptoms of depression are being caused by viruses depressing the nervous system?  If so, what if there’s a natural way to combat the viral infection?  If we assume that science “has it in the bag”, then we may never seek out alternative options.  We may consider it “case closed” and accept unnecessary suffering for ourselves and our loved ones.

If doctors and practitioners aren’t honest with themselves and don’t acknowledge that mental illnesses are really mystery illnesses, then they may unknowingly be violating their Hippocratic oath and causing unneeded harm and suffering to their patients.  Unfortunately, I feel that I have been on the receiving end of much unnecessary pain and suffering.  I’m not blaming the practitioners, as I know that they really care and are doing their best to help their patients.  However, I think that we all have a responsibility to grow outside of our comfort zones and to seek the truth, especially when people’s lives are at stake.  Aside from profit playing a huge role in the health industry, I think it has a large part to do with the human ego, that part of us that wants to be right and wants to cling to our beliefs.

A perfect example of this is the resistance to homeopathy by the mainstream scientific orthodoxy.  There is in fact scientific evidence for the effectiveness of homeopathy, as I explain in my blog post Homeopathy Was the Answer to My Prayers.  However, many people who consider themselves science-based will immediately reject homeopathy as a valid form of treatment.  This is not based in science, but rather based in a learned belief system and an unwillingness to think outside of that belief system (which is really not science).

Ultimately, we each must take responsibility for our own health.  Each of us must seek the truth and take responsibility for our choices, and it would be kind if we could respect other peoples’ free will to make their own choices.  I know that humanity will evolve towards truth, because I know that love always wins.  Love dissolves hate, while at the same time expanding in love.  It is the strongest force in the universe, and eventually all ego will yield to love, and all untruth will yield to truth.  God bless you!!!