The Truth About Bipolar #MedicalMedium

This past week Anthony William, author of the NY Times Best-Selling book “Medical Medium” revealed the truth about Bipolar disorder on his radio show.  Anthony gets his information from a Divine Source he calls Spirit, and he has helped countless people to heal from chronic mystery illness for decades.

In this show, Anthony discusses the role that toxic heavy metals play in Bipolar disorder.  I believe that heavy metals were a factor in me getting schizoaffective disorder as well, as I describe in my blog post, “Got Heavy Metals on the Brain?“.  I have been drinking the heavy metal detox smoothie from his first book daily now for over two years, and I can’t say enough the positive effects that I have felt, and how clear I feel mentally.

If I were first facing the illness today I would probably do the smoothie in conjunction with homeopathy (while working with my Naturopathic Doctor), until I felt that my life was stable and the illness was far enough behind me.

It’s so empowering to find answers, especially for difficult health situations.  For me, this is confirmation that the illness was not my fault, other people’s illnesses are not their fault, and that healing is possible for others too!  When we stay strong, seek the truth, and keep the faith, we can move forward.  May God bless you on your journey!

You can listen to the episode here: