The True Cause of Mental Illness…

There are real answers.  There are real, physical causes for symptoms, and it’s not you, and it’s not your genes.  “It’s all in your head” is the oldest trick in the book for the industry when they don’t have answers.  “Mrs. Jones, we don’t know what’s wrong with you, maybe it’s all in your head?”.  The truth is, there are real answers.  While I do believe that trauma also plays a role with mental illness, trauma can heal.

One of the things I had to accept when I was dealing with psychosis was that I couldn’t have belief systems.  I had to be completely neutral and objective about the world.  Delusions are just false beliefs.  When reality proved them wrong, I had to accept that.  The Medical Medium information heals people from chronic illness, and the medical industry information doesn’t.  If we define truth as what happens in reality, then the Medical Medium information is the truth.

I outline in detail how I healed from schizoaffective disorder, and the steps that I took, in my book “Healing Mental Illness: Lessons Learned in the Trenches“.  You don’t have to suffer like I did.  You don’t have to lose ten years of your life like I did.  There is hope!

In the following video, I describe the true causes of mental illness based on my own experience (not on something I read somewhere or something that someone told me).  Remember to always have compassion for yourself.  I know that the journey is hard.  It can be long.  But it does get better.  God bless you!