Our Brains Run on Glucose.

Our brains run on glucose.  Every cell in our body needs glucose to survive.  Without glucose we can’t think, move, breathe, or live.  Our brains run on glucose, and without it they shrink.  I remember science used to know this when I was a kid.  However, over the past twenty years the high fat / high protein diet trends have been all the craze.  They keep getting renamed and repackaged for each new generation of people becoming interested in health.

High fat may be helpful for someone with not a lot of symptoms, who isn’t really that sick, to get them off of fast-food, and the standard American, processed diet.  It may help them to clean up their diets a little, get off of bad carbs and fried fats, and they may think it’s the answer to health.  However, for the people who’ve been around the block, who’ve suffered with chronic illness for decades, tried everything in conventional and alternative medicine, and suffered at the hands of man-made theories and industry-driven trends, we know better.  I can say that because of the indescribable suffering that I’ve endured, and the living hell that I climbed out of, and I want to help you climb out too!

The high fat / high protein trend is DISASTROUS for mental health long-term (both for us individually and as a society).  Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Our brains run on glucose:  in order to be healthy and thrive our brains need an ample supply of healthy carbs.  High fat in the bloodstream blocks the sugar from getting to where it needs to go in our brain, liver, and cells.
  • Heavy metal oxidizes in the body:  toxic heavy metal deposits in the body oxidize and run-off into nearby tissue when they come into contact with fat.  This causes further damage and causes illnesses to worsen over time.
  • Insulin-resistance and blood sugar issues:  when fat is eaten with sugar or in the proximity of sugar (as it usually is), the fat thickens the blood and prevents the sugar from entering the cells, which leads to insulin-resistance and blood sugar issues.  These blood sugar instabilities can contribute to mood swings and mood issues.
  • Adrenaline is caustic to the body:  when we eat high-fat our body has to release adrenaline to help thin our blood and disperse the fat to protect our heart and brain.  The liver then has to soak-up this excess adrenaline to protect us.  This weakens the liver which is already overburdened by viruses, heavy metals, and industrial chemicals that are making us sick.
  • Pathogens thrive in low-oxygen environments:  when we eat high fat diets that thicken our blood, it lowers oxygen levels which allows pathogens such as viruses to thrive and strengthen, while weakening our own immune system and contributing to disease.  Along with lowered glucose, this causes our brains to shrink.
  • Not enough room for nutrients:  when we eat high fat (and remember, high protein IS high fat) it takes up room in our digestive systems.  It takes up too much space and there’s not enough room for the ample amounts of nutrients that we need from fruits and vegetables.  In today’s world, where we’re up against aggressive mutations of viruses, chemical toxins like never before, and loads of stress, we need more, much more, of the nutrients, anti-oxidants, glucose, minerals, and living water that are in found in live foods.

When people discover “health” information that they think is great and are excited about, it’s natural to share it and promote it and try to build a brand off it.  I’m guilty of this myself.  I’ve promoted things like fish oil in the past before I knew better (all fish oil contains a homeopathic form of mercury, no matter how clean it is).  The key is to learn and grow and recognize when we’ve been mistaken, and to move forward towards the truth.

The Medical Medium information is the only source of health information that knows the true cause of why people are sick.  That’s why it works.  It comes from a pure, clean source that’s above us, Spirit of the Most High (also called Spirit of Compassion).  All other information is either mis-information or mixed information (some truth contaminated with falsehoods).  It’s not people’s fault.  Doctors, practitioners, and health gurus want people to get better.  But how can they know how to get people better if they don’t know the true cause of our suffering?

We all have to become our own health experts and discern for ourselves what to believe.  This is not superficial, flashy information that you can just glimpse at and move on.  I’ve spent thousands of hours over the past five years studying the Medical Medium books, listening to the podcast, and re-listening to the audio books.  I’ve applied the information and put it into practice every day.  We have to put in the work.  We have to take the time and energy to read the books, and then prepare the food and healing tools.  We have to persist at it until we heal.

Just lowering our fat intake isn’t enough.  We have to replenish our mineral salts and restore our nervous system with the celery juice.  We have to get the heavy metals out of our brain and liver with the Medical Medium Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie.  We have to get ample amounts of glucose from fruit and starchy vegetables (like potatoes and squash) to restore our glycogen (compressed glucose) reserves in our brain and liver.  This is what protects us from pathogens and toxins, stress and trauma, and the challenges of life.  We have to learn the tools and information from the true source, the originator of this information.

I wish you the very best on your healing journey.  I know it’s not easy.  But now you know that healing is possible.  I didn’t know that when I started.  I had to burn up a lot of my precious life before learning this information, and I don’t want you to have to go through that.  I want to save you from some suffering and some hardship.  God bless you!

“Listen to advice and accept instruction,
that you may gain wisdom in the future.
Many are the plans in the mind of a man,
but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.”

Proverbs 19:20-21 (ESV)