Toxic Heavy Metal Detox

What is the Root Cause of Mental Illness?

Since healing from schizoaffective disorder with the help of homeopathy, and publishing my book “Healing Schizoaffective“, I have come across information that I feel gets to the root of why mental illness occurs.  Is it possible that toxic heavy metals collecting in the brain are disrupting electrical signals and causing abnormal experiences?  If so, this would have profound implications such as:

  1. The illness is not the person’s fault.
  2. There is a way to recover and heal.

I have been drinking a specific smoothie every morning for over two years now, with five ingredients that synergistically and gently pull heavy metals all the way out of the body, as I describe in my blog post “Got Heavy Metals on the Brain?“.  I continue to feel clearer mentally and am finding it easier and easier to maintain balance in my life (which I also attribute to my daily health practices, and the compounding effect of my life improving).

Part of what makes mental illness so difficult, is not knowing why it is happening, or what to do about it.  If toxic heavy metals do play a significant role, then there is an answer.  Then there is hope.  I know that this life-changing information has been profoundly helpful to me.  I hope that it is to you as well!!!

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